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Gracie’s Ice Cream

Homemade Ice Cream in Union Square, Somerville


Located in Union Square, Gracie’s Ice Cream is a peddler of smiles and homemade ice cream.

We make the best ice cream we can usually by mashing things up and blasting those things into ice cream. Sometimes we don’t blast anything except flavor into the ice cream, but generally we like ice cream with stuff in it. Lots of it. Gracie’s Ice Cream strives to make our neighborhood stronger and safer by providing a comfortable and welcoming environment to every member of our community. Our shop is better and more fun when it makes the neighborhood better and more fun. It is OK to cry in this place.




(617) - 764 5294 




22 Union Square
Somerville, MA 02143


Mon-Thu 2:30PM-10PM
Fri 2:30PM-11PM
Sat 11AM-11PM
Sun 1PM-10PM

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Would you like ice cream brought right to you while you sit on your couch like this good boy in the picture? Or maybe you’re in an office and there’s no ice cream in your office because your office isn’t the type of office with ice cream in it? How about you click on one of the links below and get some ice cream delivered. Check out the sundae kit which gets you everything you need to make 4-8 sundaes.





Office Catering

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Be an Office Hero

If you want to be an office hero, order catering. Email us for info because we’re flexible. If you’ve got a small team, sundae kits via our delivery partners are the best bet.

Looks like ice cream.

Looks like ice cream.


We make our ice cream right in our shop—about five feet away from where it's served—in tiny, tiny batches. When possible, we make our own ingredients in house, but we also use a lot of cookies, candy, and potato chips. There are always 12 flavors at a time, one of which is a non-dairy sorbet, but this might be the year we make a vegan ice cream. There are 6 ALWAYS flavors (Chocolate, sweet cream, black raspberry chip, mint chip, cookies n' cream, salty whiskey), 5 rotating flavors, and a non-dairy sorbet. Please note: This is a list of almost ALL the flavors we've ever made, some of which we will never make again. This is not a list of what's available in the shop or for order on a regular basis.

We post a picture of our opening menu every day @graciesflavors. If you need a flavor, give a call, and we'll save you a pint if possible.

  1. "800 Hearts of Fury" (cinnamon ice cream with 800 cinnamon hearts)

  2. "The Gold and White Dress" (sweet cream, Corn Pops, Honeycomb, Golden Grahams)

  3. Almond Croissant Brown Butter

  4. Angie’s Wedding Whiskey (Salty whiskey + caramel coated animal crackers)

  5. Apple Care-amel

  6. Banana

  7. Birthday Cake Batter

  8. Black Raspberry Chip

  9. Black Raspberry Vanilla Sorbet

  10. Black Sesame and Honey

  11. Blueberry

  12. Blueberry Crumble

  13. Broken Cones, Broken Dreams (Cone flavored ice cream with broken cones + broken dreams)

  14. Broreo

  15. Brown Sugar

  16. Brown Sugar Peach

  17. Brownie Batter Chip

  18. Cardamother (Cardamom)

  19. Chai

  20. Chai Chip

  21. Chocolate

  22. Chocolate Candy Cane

  23. Chocolate Chip Blueberry Muffin

  24. Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese

  25. Chocolate Chocolate Chip Caramel

  26. Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (regular cc cookie dough)

  27. Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (chocolate cc cookie dough)

  28. Chocolate Cinnamon Toast Crunch

  29. Chocolate Fluff

  30. Chocolate Nilla Wafer

  31. Chocolate Oreo Chip

  32. Chocolate PB PB Wafer

  33. Chocolate Peanut Pretzel Chip

  34. Chocolate Salty Snax (Chocolate covered pretzels and potato chips in chocolate ice cream)

  35. Chocolate Sorbet

  36. Cinnamon Blueberry

  37. Cinnamon Ginger Snap

  38. Cinnamon Whiskey

  39. Cocoa Guinness Oreo

  40. Coconut

  41. Coffee

  42. Coffee and Chocolate

  43. Coffee and Whiskey

  44. Coffee Brandy Chip

  45. Coffee Cardamom

  46. Coffee Mint Chip

  47. Cold Brew Coffee

  48. Cold Brew Coffee Rye

  49. Cookies ‘n Cream

  50. Cookies and Cold Brew

  51. Cream Cheese, Guava, Golden Graham

  52. Creamsicle

  53. CRITical Mass (black raspberry base, chocolate chips, oreos, chocolate covered donuts, oreo brittle)

  54. Dark N Fluffy (Cherry chocolate raspberry with Fluff swirl)

  55. Day After Easter On Sale Candy (all the candy we can find for 50%)

  56. Earl Grey

  57. Finnamon Toast Crunch

  58. Fluffernutterbutter (PB ice cream with Fluff Swirl and Nutter Butters)

  59. Fruity Pebble

  60. Fudgy Cookie

  61. Garlic> 

  62. Golden Grahams and Pretzels

  63. Gracie’s First Flavor (PB Ice Cream, oreo, chocolate chip, rainbow sprinkles)

  64. Grape Nut

  65. Grapefruit and Black Pepper Sorbet

  66. Gronk Smash (PB ice cream, potato chips, pretzels, Kit Kats, peanuts, chocolate chips)

  67. Guinness

  68. Honey Cornbread

  69. Honey Nut Cheerios

  70. Irish Cream

  71. Kenny Fest

  72. Lemon Lime Sorbet

  73. Light n Fluffy

  74. M&M

  75. Malted Mint Hot Cocoa

  76. Mango

  77. Mango Sorbet

  78. Maple Oatmeal Creme Pie

  79. Maple Rum Raisin

  80. Marbled Chocolate & Salty Whisky

  81. Matcha

  82. Mint 2 Cookies (thin mint crumble and Oreos)

  83. Mint Chip

  84. Mint Oreo

  85. Minty Two Cookie

  86. MMMmmm (Chocolate PB ice cream, PB M&Ms, Peanut M&Ms, Regular M&Ms)

  87. Mocha Chip

  88. Not Your Mom's Tiramisu

  89. Nutella

  90. Nutty Buddy

  91. Orange Prosecco Sorbet

  92. Pandan

  93. Peach

  94. Peach Basil

  95. Peanut Butter Brownie Batter

  96. Peanut Butter Choco Taco

  97. Peanut Butter Chocolate Covered Pretzel Chocolate Chips

  98. Peanut Butter Fluff

  99. Peanut Butter with Smoky Fudge Ripple

  100. Peppermint Stick

  101. Peppermint Stick M&M 

  102. Pickle 

  103. Pokemango Pepper (Spicy mango ice cream)

  104. Poptart Pourri

  105. Pretzel Pretzel Chip (Pretzel ice cream, with pretzels and chocolate chips)

  106. Pumpkin Squash

  107. Ranc’s Candy Cane Oreo (Peppermint Stick Oreo ice cream borrowed from Rancatore’s)

  108. Raspberry Lemon Sorbet

  109. Raspberry Lime Sorbet

  110. Raspberry Rainbow

  111. Rosemary Mint

  112. Rosemary and Spicy Honey

  113. Rummy Ginger Snap

  114. S’mores

  115. Salty Chocolate Bourbon

  116. Salty Chocolate Peanut

  117. Salty Two Cookies (salty ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, and Nutter Butter crumble)

  118. Salty Whiskey

  119. Salty Whiskey Cherry Chocolate Chip

  120. Silent Cherry (Chocolate Cherry Chocolate Chip)

  121. Smoky Chocolate Peanut Butter

  122. Spicy Chocolate Chip

  123. Spicy Manischewitz

  124. Strawberry

  125. Strawberry lemonade sorbet

  126. Strawberry Peach

  127. Swedish Apple Pie

  128. Sweet Cream

  129. Sweet Potato

  130. Swiss Roll

  131. Tequila Mangobird Sorbet

  132. Toasted Coconut Swirl

  133. Unicorn Poop (Fruity Pebble ice cream with Maca Boston macarons mixed in)

  134. Vanilla Bean (Retired for now)

  135. Vanilla-Nilla Wafer

  136. Whiskey Fig